World’s Richest Man Besos Completes Divorce

Mackenzie announced on Twitter on the 4th that the two have completed the divorce procedure, she will give up 75% of Amazon shares and all voting rights jointly held with Bezos. Bezos will remain the largest shareholder of the nearly $900 billion e-commerce giant.


Mackenzie also said she would hand over all shares in the Washington Post and Amazon’s space exploration company Blue Origin to Bezos.

Previously, the media estimated that if the couple’s marriage property is half-divided according to Washington state law, Mackenzie may get up to 66 billion US dollars of property, becoming the world’s fifth richest man and the world’s newest female richest man.

In addition to Amazon, the Washington Post and the Blue Origins, Geoffrey Bezos and Mackenzie also hold various stakes in companies such as Airbnb and Uber. In addition, the two include the mansions in Bellevue and Beverly Hills, Washington; the largest private home in Washington, DC; the division of Texas pastures and multiple apartments in New York City was not disclosed.


In addition to the division of property, Mackenzie wrote on Twitter, “Thank you for completing the divorce process with Jeffrey, and got blessings from each other and related people, thanking the past, and I am looking forward to the next phase. Because I am looking forward to what will happen next.”

Bezos replied to McKenzie on Twitter: “She is an extraordinary partner, friend and mother. She is resourceful, talented and caring, and I know that I will always learn from her.”

Such a result can be regarded as a complete ending for the 100 billion divorce case. The calm and restraint shown by the husband and wife in the process also greatly reduced the negative impact on the company and the family.