Woman Smooshes Her Face Into Different Types of BREAD in Bizarre Instagram Videos

There’s not much to tell here. Just a weird Instagram account of a woman smushing her face into different types of bread for the past 19 weeks. We’re willing to bet that even if it something you weren’t asking for, it’s something you’ve never seen before either.

In the first of her videos, the woman, thought to be Japanese, gets her hands on a Martin’s Potato Roll and gives it a squeeze before smacking her face into it.


Next up is a Bay’s Multi-grain English Muffin followed by a spice covered Taim’s Za’atar Bread .


As the videos go on, they featured everything from Kaiser rolls to Wonder bread. And, this one looks a little painful.


We are very curious to know what inspired @BreadFaceBlog and what mestry is behind the culinary art form.

While it’s not known why she does this or whether she actually eats the bread after she’s finished playing with it, she has been tantalizing the Internet already.

“Giving the people something they didn’t ask for.” That’s all there is to the BreadFaceBlog’s bio in Instagram.  And it’s sort of what makes it great: simple concept, predictable results.