Why do we grow gray hair?

White hair is a sign of “aging” on the surface, but sometimes it’s something that’s wrong with the body. Below normal circumstance, the person arrives after 50 years old the hair just gradually bleached, if hoary hair appears early, or increase suddenly inside period of time, be about to cause attention.


Traditional Chinese medicine thinks “kidney its hua is sending”, the person with kidney abundant qi general hair is met jet-black shine, compare moist. Premature graying of the hair may be linked to a lack of kidney gas. “Hair is beyond blood”, the person’s hair also can be better when qi and blood are sufficient. “Worrying hurts the spleen”, some people work too much pressure, use the brain and think too much, etc., from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, this will consume spleen and stomach qi and blood, resulting in no longer moist and bright hair, gray hair will increase. Still have a lot of people to be anxious easily suffer from excessive heat, anger hurts liver, liver has the function that hides blood again, because this can make liver blood cannot embellish raise a hair, bring about a hair to become withered, hoary hair increase.

From the perspective of western medicine, white hair is caused by the decrease of melanin produced by hair follicles, among which, genetic factors account for a large proportion. Changes in trace elements in the body can also affect hair color, such as low levels of zinc, copper and iron or high levels of lead in the blood. There are a lot of people for beautiful and perm dye hair, artificially change the color of hair, shape, etc., this also can cause direct damage to the hair, thereby increasing the likelihood of white hair or alopecia. In addition, we often say that the “overnight gray”, which means that when a person is under too much stress, the spirit of extreme anxiety or worry, may also speed up the transformation of black hair to white.


Some people’s gray hair tends to be concentrated in a certain part of the body, which may be a health problem. For example, gray hair concentrated in the forehead may indicate spleen and stomach disorder, such people can try to drink more black rice porridge in the morning and evening to nourish the spleen and stomach and nourish the hair. 2, concentrated in the temples, it is likely to be liver fire, this kind of people’s diet to light mainly, such as eating celery, garland chrysanthemum, tomato, turnip, adverse mood is also the cause of liver fire, so temples easily gray spring may as well go out more outing, kite flying, temper mood, release liver fire; If white hair appears in the back of the head, it may prompt kidney qi deficiency, from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, chestnut can fill spleen and stomach, kidney strong muscle, blood circulation and hemostasis, because kidney deficiency causes white hair patients can eat more appropriately.

Traditional Chinese medicine says, the reason why people have white hair is due to the lack of kidney qi caused by, so tonifying the kidney is a key. Cure white hair can add medicaments method to undertake through dietotherapy, dietotherapy is better method.