What Is The “Normal Value” Of Blood Sugar? Keep In This Range!

Actually in our daily life, should pay more attention to your body to maintain, especially after reach a certain age, is also likely will be accompanied by some bad daily life habits and eating habits, so that it will be very easy to cause the body and that even some of the problems, the most frequently seen is diabetes and high blood sugar, if once appeared the condition of diabetes or high blood sugar, while the disease will bring our body problem also is not very big. However, complications may become very serious, so in daily life, you must control your blood sugar. So what’s the range of blood sugar that’s normal?

1, on an empty stomach
If we are in a fasting state, the blood sugar level should be controlled at about 3.5 to 6.1 ml of daily life, you will be able to remain within a range of time, you will need to show your blood sugar is normal, the plasma and blood glucose to maintain the range of between 3.9 and 6.9, this is ok, in order to maintain our health, in the usual daily life, must go to the appropriate to test the fasting plasma glucose and plasma glucose, fasting glucose appeared more than 6.7, then the plasma and blood sugar more than 7.5, It’s almost always a confirmation that you have diabetes.

2.Keep exercising
If in the usual daily life, we can go to many in exercise promote body blood circulation speed, it also can make our blood sugar control in a very reasonable bounds, but also can let our bodies become more and more good, high blood sugar, after all, people tend to occur in some obese people, if we are able to maintain a normal body weight, use exercise to maintain the body, then blood sugar will gradually become normal.

3. Drink more water to lower blood sugar
Don’t know whether you realize it, in fact, high blood sugar, the body may have a more typical symptoms, it is the strength to make water is more, and it is with a kind of phenomenon, probably leads to a sharp decline in our blood capacity, now very likely will appear a certain concentration, to further improve the led to blood sugar, so if it is a vicious circle, we need to try to drink water more at ordinary times, and each time the amount of water, then also need to suggest you also do not less than 1500 ml, then go to do some sports, Or you may need to add some extra water to your body after sweating a lot.