What Is The Difference Between A micro Single Camera And A SLR Camera?

Many people think that the micro-single volume is smaller than the SLR, so the quality of the micro-single can’t be compared with the SLR, but this kind of understanding is actually not comprehensive. The reason why the micro-single can greatly reduce the size is mainly because the structure of the viewfinder is changed.



The traditional SLR camera adopts an optical framing structure, and the light entering the lens passes through the mirror and the five reflections of the pentaprism to guide the light into the viewfinder. Since the mirror and the pentaprism take up a lot of space, it is difficult for the SLR camera to make the volume small. But now there are also SLRs that start to use electronic framing, which can make the volume smaller.In contrast, the micro-single camera sacrifices the optical viewfinder, directly receives the light with the sensor, and then framing on the LCD screen on the back of the fuselage.

Because there is no mirror or pentaprism, the micro-single can greatly reduce the size, but it is not necessarily lost to the SLR in the picture quality. Many micro-single sensors use the same size and micro-single.


In the lens matching, the micro single also has a variety of lens combinations, the lens quality is not lost to the SLR lens.

The speed of the SLR camera from boot to entry is better than that of the micro-camera; however, the development speed and progress of the micro-camera is better than that of the SLR camera. The operation of the SLR camera depends on many mechanical components, and the mechanical lifting is The main function of the micro-single camera is based on CMOS. Once the CMOS is upgraded, it will bring all-round improvement to the picture quality, focus, shutter, continuous shooting and video.


In terms of handling performance, most SLR cameras use two electronic turntables to achieve basic operations. The aperture and exposure compensation, shutter speed and aperture can be performed on two turntables respectively. It is comfortable and reduces errors. Operation; micro single camera, can not use the shortcut button to quickly adjust some parameters. Common parameters such as sensitivity and white balance need to be entered into the menu to adjust. Speed is much slower than using a separate function button plus the trackwheel. It may missed a lot of wonderful scenes when changed the shooting parameters.

However, the two people are different. For those who have strict requirements on volume and weight or who are mainly based on video, micro-single will be better; for those who love long-distance travel and take risks or have high requirements for the lens, SLR will better.