Watch This VERY Rare Video Of A MALE Seahorse Giving Birth

As master’s students and research assistant of a team working on UBC’s Project Seahorse, it’s quite common for Clayton Manning and Meagan Abele to come upon seahorses.But scientists say it’s very rare to watch seahorse births take place in the wild. Recently the pair were  diving in Nelson Bay, Australia when they were lucky enough to spot a male pregnant white seahorse giving birth!Yes, a male giving birth—painful contractions and all.Fortunately for us, and science, they had their underwater video camera with them.

It’s surprising but true: the male seahorse is the one who carries the babies.The males don’t make the eggs, however. When mating, a female seahorse deposits her eggs inside the male’s pouch, where the eggs are then fertilized. The eggs gestate in the male’s pouch and when they are ready, the male release his young into the surrounding ocean.You’ll see! Just watch the fascinating video above!