Unwanted Ginger Cat Becomes This Little Boy’s Guardian

Larry the ginger cat has formed incredible bond with his tiny human Abel.

larry-cat-guardian-boy-abel-2[1]Originally, Larry belonged to a vet, but was given away after he was repeatedly caught sneaking into the food cupboard. Sounds mind-boggling to any animal lover, I know, but at least someone was willing to take the sweet cat in.



Michelle adopted Larry, assuming he’d become her new four-legged pal, but Larry had different ideas about his ideal best friend. He has since taken it upon himself to become Michelle’s young son Abel’s special guardian.


Precisely, Larry fell in love with  Abel when they met each other for first time.“When I became pregnant a few years later Larry laid on my belly constantly. From the minute Abel came home Larry was in love,” Michelle said.



The love affair is far from one sided. In fact, Abel adores Larry just as much as Larry adores him. The first word Abel said was even “Yarry,” which can only mean one thing “Larry”!

Cats aren’t typically known for being the most affectionate pets, however, When Larry met this little boy, he proved that cats can be just as loving as any dog.Not even the sounds of toddler screams can scare away the devoted cat. “When Abel cries Larry runs over to comfort him.”


They like to explore the house together. The staircase is a favorite for both, where they can look down on the rest of the family.


Larry is a big ol’ kitty, nearly as big as Abel, and the two love to snuggle up and take naps.


Larry and Abel are nearly inseparable, they can be found in the weirdest locations and in the weirdest positions.There couldn’t have been much else that the two wanted than a friend that they could trust. They definitely found that in each other.


Larry really enjoys helping take care of Abel, so of course, Abel tries to return the favor.Brushing the cat’s fur is fun for both of them, and helps keep Larry looking his best.


It’s so cute, who could really say though.

The family had always wanted an orange cat, and Larry had always wanted a family like this. There isn’t much else that they can look for now!