This Simple Rubbish Bin Could Be The Answer To Cleaning Up Polluted Oceans

Australian surfers Peter Ceglinski and Andrew Turton spent four years developing a unique ocean-cleaning technology, and said it could spell the end of polluted seas.


It’s a revolutionary ‘floating bin’ that automatically sucks rubbish into it.

This clever device for marina docks called the Seabin. With the help of WA seed investors Shark Mitigation Systems initially, the duo designed a prototype of the bin in Perth before taking it to market in Mallorca in Spain, a marina capital of Europe.

It attaches to a floating dock. Using the power of a pump, it sucks in polluted water and collects plastic bottles, paper, oil, fuel, and detergent floating in the ocean.


Here’s how it works.

Water and trash flow through the bin. The trash gets caught in the bin, while the water gets pulled up through a pump on the dock. Then a water pump separates oil from the water, and the water flows back down where it started, sans trash.


The trash is collected by simply pulling the Seabin out of the water and dumping it out.


It’s a low maintenance and a fairly cheap but effective way to fight marine pollution.

Now you can help  the project by contributing through Indiegogo – with crowdfunding raising $50,000 for commercial production.So far they’ve has raised far beyond its initial goal of $230,000.

Seabin can be pre-ordered through Indiegogo for $3,825.That sounds pretty expensive, but you can expect the price to go down considerably once Seabin takes off and large orders start coming in.

Best of all? The delivery is expected in late 2016.

“It’s a big mission, but it can be done. In fact, we’re doing it right now.” That’s the message Seabin creators have for the world. It’s easy to feel hopeless and throw your hands up in defeat, but if we all work together to find the right combination of antipollution tactics, we can reclaim clean, beautiful oceans.As Ceglinski said,”The Seabin project is helping create a better way of life for everyone and every living thing.”