Two Chinese pandas Will Arrive At The Moscow Zoo

Moscow zoo director Akurova Svetlana Vladimirovna said in an interview in Moscow recently that the two giant pandas provided by Russia to Russia will arrive in Moscow on April 29.


In order to further promote international cooperation in giant panda conservation research and promote the improvement of endangered species and biodiversity conservation in China and Russia, the giant pandas “Ruyi” and “Ding Ding” from the China Giant Panda Conservation Research Center will open a foreign country in Russia.

It is understood that the male giant panda “Ruyi” was born in July 2016 in the China Giant Panda Conservation Research Center Ya’an Bifengxia base. The female giant panda “Ding Ding” was born in July 2017 at the China Giant Panda Conservation Research Center Wolong Shenshuping Base.

According to Vladimir Rovna, in order to better take care of the upcoming “Ruyi” and “Ding Ding”, the Moscow Zoo has sent a group of staff to the hometown of Panda to learn about feeding and medical technology, to make life for the giant pandas to Moscow.


The Moscow Zoo has a history of 100 years. According to Vladimir Rovna, in the past 50 years, five giant pandas have lived in the Moscow Zoo.“I will go to Moscow with a chartered plane and a giant panda. We have upgraded and upgraded the hardware facilities, and prepared a big house suitable for them. We also prepared foods suitable for them. I believe they will It’s very comfortable here,” said Vladimir Rovna.
Vladimir Rovna said that in the future, Russian experts will work together with Chinese researchers to jointly carry out research on the protection of giant pandas.
“This pair of giant pandas is the messenger of Sino-Russian friendship. I believe they will make the Russian people happy,” said Vladimir Rovna.