Truck Drifting Sales Girl Gives Car Buyers a Ride to Remember

Be careful of those beautiful female drivers.They may indeed scare the crap out of you, either in the bad way or the good way.


In the Malaysia car showroom, those potential Mitsubishi customers was seeking the macho-looking new pick-up truck, and they believed that would just be a usual test drive until they found out the innocent looking sales girl was actually Leona Chin Lyweoi. In case you are not familiar with the name, this is the stunning Malaysian drifter we are talking about who has been on the drifting scene for nearly ten years.


Having payed along with comments like, “what’s a pretty girl like you doing selling cars” and some very sexist remarks like “Do you know how to handle this car, this is a man’s car you know”, Chin politely show them what the truck can really do.Instead of a purposed shortcut, the customers had the chance to witness how the truck spin for a several times with extreme speed and all those incredible scaring skills.


Apparently it’s a kind of pleasure for the outstanding drifter and this was not the first time Chin pulled such a stunt, albeit in the role of a shy leaner driver, in which Chin pretended knowing nothing about driving a car but later took her instructors for a knuckle-whitening thrill ride.


Maybe the idea that all women are bad drivers is out of date now. You will surely be amazed by this YouTube video and change your mind.We see that Chin really has good sense of humor reflected in these hair-raising and hilarious pranks, and those male customers would definitely learn to think twice before they pick those prejudice words.
And still, the test succeeded in showing the good quality of the Mitsubishi Triton at least.