This wedding dress is gorgeous… but nobody wants to wear it

Every little girl has a dream of being a beautiful bride in gorgeous lily-white wedding dress, which may just like the one we are talking about today decorated by lace, ribbons and jewelry. But this time, the delicate gown may has tricked your eyes, and it will definitely refashion must-have on weddings.


To be honest, one can hardly recognize any differences from the gown’s appearance. But still, I bet you would not want to wear it, since this stunning dress is actually made entirely out of cake!

Sylvia Elba, a multi-award-winning cake sculptor spent over 300 hours on creating this detailed frock, together with her Yvette Marner, the founder of Fun N Funky Cakes as well as artist Ilinka Rnic. This edible art is made predominantly of nearly 2000 sheets of wafer paper to achieve the life-size looking, and there were also large amount of fondant and cake lace. Weighting approximately 150 pounds and standing 170 cm tall, the dress was astonishing in detail. Those “pearls” glued on it cost over 10 bottles of edible decorating liquid.


Recently, this edible frock was finally displayed in Alexandra Palace as an eye-catching item for the two-day Cake International exhibition, as it was created exactly for this show. The trio perfectly designed and completed the incredible work after Elba came up with the idea.


Well, since it cannot be worn by the bride, at least it is indeed large enough as an edible dress to feed all guests on wedding, replacing the traditional wedding cake. Maybe the only problem is that people will surely be reluctant to destroy such a masterpiece.