This Slide May Give You A Near-death Experience

If you are a thrill seeker, this glass slide on the top of Bank Tower in  Los Angeles is your place. You can have a near-death experience while screen down from this transparent slide almost 1000 feet above the city, and also, have a sweeping views of Los Angeles from the tallest skyscraper here.
skyslide 2


Supported by a metal frame which hangs off the side of the tower,this 45-foot-long chute attaches to the building’s facade just like a floating transparent worm, spanning from a window on the 70th story to a terrace on the 69th. Called SkySlide,it hovers about 1,015 feet , posing a real challenge for the tolerance of extreme heights of vistors. And to ensure the safety of ride, it’s made of three-ply glass,1.25 inches thick, which can hold two blue whales without budging.


Although glass bottom observation decks now can be found in places as diverse as Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, Wills Tower, and Tokyo Sky, rarely do they give you a feeling of flying like Los Angele one do.Even if you’ve been to hundreds of observation decks , the effec of hurtle through the square tube is still unnerving.

“You’re standing in the open air by the time you’re done with your ride,” said OUE Americas senior vice president John Gamboa. “We don’t know of anything else like it.”

skyscrape 4

OUE Ltd. is the owner of Bank Tower. Suffering soaring vacancy rate and the threat of losing its title of tallest tower to the Wilshire Grand tower openning next year, OUE hope to reinvigorate the skyscraper by splashy spots to distinguish itself from several skylines. After undergoing a $50-million renovation, the Skyslide is born— coupled with a new, two-floor observation deck with 360-degree views .
skyslide 3

Obviously this particular tower is now topped by a major tourist attraction. Once you reach the top and enjoy the spectacular view from the metropolis, you can pice up your trip by taking a crazy careening down a stell-and-glass slide. A mere $8 and a simple climb on a gray mat is needed to have this near-death experience. Anyway, according by the reactions of visitors who tried, there’s no shorter slide and greater fear.