This Couple Creates Adorable Combo Pics To Bridge Their Long-Distance Relationship

The thing is, long-distance relationships are extremely challenging. It’s hard to keep the spark alive when the two of you are so far away from one another.That’s the struggle one artistic couple is currently facing.Danbi Shin is based in New York City and 6,863 miles away, her partner, Seok Li, lives in Seoul, South Korea.It’s a tough situation, but, being artists, they’ve come up with a creative — and beautiful — way to keep their romance alive.

Using themselves as inspiration, Shin and Seok took to social media under the name shinliart to create an art project together called “Half & Half”to document their lives apart.The pair, who are engaged in real life,combed photos of their daily lives into adorable, symmetrical collages, with one photo completing the other.

Danbi and Seok are on different sides of the planet, but they keep their love alive by taking photos and creating collages.


The couple snaps pictures while they’re on video calls, and later compose them into one. Two halves join to show that while the lovers might be miles apart, they are still together.


Not only that, but they sometimes include poignant captions that capture the love they have for each other. This one reads, “I miss the feeling of holding on to your hand. I reach forward to touch the light. Will you feel what I am feeling?”


The photos are taken simultaneously despite that 14-hour time difference.


Together, they are careful to make sure the photos are positioned just right to ensure accuracy and symmetry.


The duo share common experiences while documenting the difference in lifestyles and cultures of Seoul and New York.


They share lots of meals!


They go exploring together.


They check out the differences between New York and Seoul.


And what’s the same!


Through their collages, even the cities of New York and Seoul seem closer.


And their series proves that no matter how far away you are from the one you love, you’ll always be close in spirit.


That’s no barrier for love – or art!


You can see more of Danbi and Seok’s project on their Instagram, and check out more of their collaborative artwork on their website.