This 9-Year-Old Girl’s Katana Demonstration Will Blow You Away

I clicked the play button to view the video below,then I was totally blown away!

This little girl is not messing around.Watch her go hard in this katana demonstration.

With her skill, her drive, and her contagious ferocity, Jesse Jane McParland from Ireland proved to be a very competent martial arts practitioner. I couldn’t believe my eyes! She looks totally like someone who should be playing with Barbies but here she is, being  the most fierce 9-year-old on the planet.I’m sure this girl never gets bullied at school.

McParland has studied martial arts since she was three years old. Now, at age nine, she’s poised to take over.She first turned heads when she appeared on “Britain’s Got Talent” six months ago and wowed all four judges and the entire crowd.

She traveled the competition with her father, who also serves as her stylist.The wee sword master was nervous before her television debut. “I would love to impress Simon Cowell,” she said, “because he’s the boss of One Direction.”She needn’t have worried.