These Fruit-Flavored Cups Trick Your Brain Into Thinking Water Tastes Like Juice

Water doesn’t taste like anything, which makes it a dreadfully hard thing to gulp down throughout the day. However, this cleverly-designed cup could be the answer to getting your proper eight-glasses-per-day dose of H20.


The Right Cup is a plastic drinking cup infused with FDA-approved aromatic fruit flavors to trick your senses into thinking plain water has a fruity taste.So, instead of consuming sugary juices, you can experience the tastes of oranges, berries, lemon-lime or apples without the calories they usually come with it.


The cup works on the basic premise that 80 percent of the flavor and experience of food comes from its smell. The material of the cup is BPA-free and has a proprietary Encapsulated Aroma Release technology on the inside, so when users tilt the cup towards their face to take a sip, the aroma floods the senses, making them forget that they’re actually drinking bland water.The fragrant inside the cup will last up to 6 months depending on the frequency of usage.


In fact,Isaac Lavi, the Right Cup’s founder,was diagnosed with diabetes at age 30 and was advised by his doctor to drink only plain water. But he hated the taste, and thus began a long process of research, trial and error that led to the first prototype of The Right Cup.

Kids, those on diet and wanted to cut down their sugar intake, people with diabetes and those even hope lose weight  can enjoy drinking 100% pure flavored water using this state of the art invention.As of this time, this cup is not yet available on the market,which is in the process of getting funded through Indiegogo, but the company is hopeful shipping will start in April 2016.

Priced at $35 apiece, the cups will be available in a range of flavors including Lemon Lime, Orange, Mixed Berry, Apple, Peach, and Cola. More consumer-recommended flavors will be introduced once the product hits the shelves.