These 4 Kinds Of Fruit, Pregnant Woman Should Be Careful To Eat!

For pregnant women, some fruits to be careful to eat, may cause physical discomfort of pregnant women, and even cause stimulation to the uterus. So what fruits should pregnant women be careful to eat?
1, papaya

Modern medical research has found that papaya contains papaya glycoside has the effect of increasing uterine contraction, which contains female hormones easily interfere with the change of hormones in the body. Even when the papaya is cooked, it can’t destroy papaya glycosides. So in order to avoid accidental miscarriage and premature delivery, pregnant women had better not eat papaya, regardless of raw ripe should not eat.
Cold papaya, so cold stomach, body deficiency should not eat more, otherwise easy to diarrhea or cold stomach. Pregnant women should not eat too cold food. Papaya contains papain has the effect of increasing uterine contraction, because it contains female hormones, easy to interfere with the hormonal changes in pregnant women, especially green papaya, pregnant women should be completely quit, because it may affect the stability of the fetus, and may even lead to abortion. In southeast Asian countries, local residents will eat papaya to contraception, so papaya is not good for production.
2, hawthorn,

Many pregnant women like to eat sweet and sour food after pregnancy, sometimes want to eat hawthorn. But pregnant woman needs careful food hawkthorn, because hawkthorn has the effect that causes uterine contractile, especially to have habitual abortion, natural abortion and the pregnant woman that has forewarned abortion omen, had better not eat wonderful. In addition, if healthy pregnant woman ate hawthorn carelessly, quantity is little word is no problem, if quantity is much word had better see a doctor to check next body, lest appear accident.
3, longan

Longan is a nutritious fruit, li shizhen once recorded in “compendium of materia medica” : “litchi is the most precious food, while longan is the best resource”, which shows the high nutritional value of longan. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, although theoretically longan has the effect of placenta, but women pregnant, most Yin blood partial deficiency, Yin deficiency is born of internal heat. Traditional Chinese medicine advocates that the fetus should be cool, and hot longan, therefore, in order to avoid possible accidents, pregnant women should be careful to eat longan.
4, apricot

Apricot acid, slightly toxic, eating more may cause adverse effects on the fetus, bring the risk of abortion. So pregnant women are advised to eat apricot carefully. Apricot sex is hot, cause suffer from internal heat easily, loose bowels. In traditional Chinese medicine, apricot belongs to hot food, eat more may hurt and bones, cause relapse. And, apricot if eat overmuch, still can cause suffer from internal heat, make stream of people nosebleed, unripe eye disease, unripe mouth sore, cause loose bowels possibly still. The woman herself is hot during pregnancy and eating apricots may be bad for her health. Cause stomach disease, dental disease: fresh apricot in the strong acid will also make the stomach acid surge, cause stomach disease. In addition, apricot contains apricot taste acid, sour taste makes the person “tooth falls”, also bad to the tooth of pregnant woman.