The Reason Of Compensatory Protein During Reducing Weight?

Protein is the main component of muscle, and to maintain muscle development, protein from the diet is essential. So the question is, what does muscle have to do with weight loss?


Protein, which helps us burn energy more efficiently during exercise, promotes healthy weight loss. Protein intake is important both in fat loss and in general.

If you don’t eat enough, you will suffer from sallow hair, hair loss, poor complexion, weakened immune system, and weight loss.

Why recommend eating more protein when reducing fat?


Protein is also lower in calories than fat, and most importantly, it’s hard to convert to fat if you’re losing weight or if you’re a gym fan
To increase a little protein intake, better help to build muscle weight loss, in order to shape a good body shape. In addition, there are the following points:

1. Increases satiety
Protein molecular weight is relatively large, eating into the body takes a long time to digest, metabolism, can improve the production of glucose in the small intestine, and then make the brain feel “full” signal, automatically suppress appetite, reduce the amount of food, thus helping to lose weight.

2. Improve basal metabolism

Protein is one of the main components of muscle synthesis. And muscle content is higher, the fundamental metabolization of human body can be faster, the quantity of heat that use up also rises greatly subsequently, reduce fat effect nature to be better! Add protein after exercise, still can promote muscle to restore wait, alleviate fatigue state.

3. Reduce proud flesh
The secretion of epinephrine can promote the formation of fat, while protein can inhibit the secretion of epinephrine and reduce the production of proud flesh. On top of that, the body USES a lot of calories to consume protein, so consuming protein is good for fat burning.


Protein suppresses appetite
Weight loss during the appropriate increase in protein intake ratio, can control appetite, not always facing the pain of not eating.

Protein’s food heat effect is high
The body USES up energy to digest and absorb food (don’t think eating doesn’t use up energy), but protein USES up more energy, up to 30% of your basal metabolism, compared to about 5% for carbohydrates and fats.

6. Slow the rise of blood sugar after meals
When the protein portion of the diet is increased, satiety lasts longer, blood sugar rises more slowly, and the body doesn’t need to make too much insulin, a hormone that promotes fat production.

7. Increase the activity of thyroxine
When dietary protein intake is insufficient, the activity of thyroxine will be reduced, showing subclinical symptoms of hypothyroidism, body temperature and basal metabolism are at a very low level, easy to cause the accumulation of fat.


8. Prevent muscle loss
People who are working out increase their protein intake, which helps muscles repair and grow better and reduce loss. And the increase of muscle specific gravity, can improve basal metabolism, help to consume more calories.

9. Maintain the normal physiological function of the liver
The person is in the state that protein intake is insufficient for a long time, can cause the chronic injury of liver, bring about the metabolic function of liver to suffer damage then, the heat metabolism that eats come in does not go out easily form central sex fat and fatty liver.
Scientific concept reducing weight is subtractive inside body redundant adipose, maintain and increase the content of muscle appropriately, such, figure can more erect, healthy, slender.
Especially the friend that a few weight do not exceed mark originally, through motion and protein reasonable complement, reduce the adipose inside body appropriately, model body beautiful body, although weight does not have marked change, but whole person can look “thin come down a circle”, this is model body very good effect.