Thailand’s First Lifting Of Elephant Exports In 10 Years

The Ministry of Foreign Trade of Thailand has recently relaxed restrictions and paved the way for the export of elephants for non-commercial purposes. This means that the 10-year Thai elephant export ban is broken. The Thai government has attracted some opposition.


According to the current progress, the export of Thai elephants in vivo and products will be launched in the second quarter of 2019. According to the earlier elephant protection regulations in Thailand, whether it is an elephant living or a product, it is forbidden to export.

According to the Thai National News reported on the 13th, the Thai government intends to legalize the export of domesticated elephants, and was strongly opposed by animal protectionists. They said that elephants may suffer when they are transporting abroad. In addition, wild Elephants may also be listed for sale.

At present, about 17,000 people have signed a joint petition on the website, hoping to stop the export of Thai elephants. The petition said: “For many years, Thailand used elephants as gifts for many countries for experimental research, and also gave many elephants as a symbol of friendship to zoos, circuses, etc. Unfortunately, many elephants I died of illness and abuse during transportation. We are convinced that history will repeat itself and that elephants will die.”



According to the headline news report of Thailand, the Minister of Foreign Trade of Thailand, Wu Dun, recently issued a statement saying that due to the introduction of the “2019 Elephant Export Conditions Regulations”, many parties misunderstood the release of allowing elephants to freely trade and export. He explained that the regulations impose strict conditions on the export of elephants and are only allowed to be exported for scientific research, international friendly diplomatic relations, and conditional use in antique art. The unit that buys and sells and applies for exporting elephants can only be the government department.