Stylist Gives Haircuts To The Homeless In The true Christmas Spirit

For most people, a haircut might not sound like too tempting a Christmas gift, but for some people it could be a thing that defines their self-worth.So Ave Salon hairstylist Mandie Barnes decided to do a good deed in the spirit of the holiday: give free haircuts to the homeless in Utah. The idea was  inspired by another stylist who was doing the same type of work in New York City.


Held on December 19 at Ogden Rescue Mission, the event had benefited nearly 100 homeless men, women and children within 4 hours.With the volunteer Brook Brian, Barnes devoted herself to sending out warmth and respect. She even gathered eight more top stylists to work together for this Christmas gift.”I wanted to do it around Christmas time, I thought, this is the reason for the season. I want to give back and kind of remember what Christmastime is all about.”said Barnes.


With local businesses and friends, they generously donated supplies, meals and clothing to those homeless people.What’s more, they are hoping to donate 300 turkeys for family in need over the holiday.


Apparently, from Barnes’ view, a haircut means not only good-looking but a lot else.”I feel like a haircut can go a long ways for someone,” says Barnes “Whenever someone comes in the salon, or even here today, I just feel like a haircut gives them an extra boost of confidence maybe to find a job, or just feel good about themselves for the holidays. Hopefully they’ll just feel better walking out the door than they did walking in.”


This small gesture has had a powerful impact for those who benefited.Of course all of them enjoyed it, feeling love again. “I feel human again. It’s awesome, bringing a little tear to my eye,” one homeless man said when seeing his new look in the mirror. And another one says”It means a lot to me, it make me feel like I’m respectable again, you know?”


The video of Mandie and her colleagues giving haircuts to homeless people — which you can view above — attracted  over 30,000 views in a day.Not only can these homeless people feel self-worth and confidence again, but all the viewers out there would be greatly inspired.One person wrote: “I love this idea of giving something back to the community on Christmas — sharing love is what we can do as humans. Merry Christmas everyone.”Well said! After all, isn’t this what Christmas is all about? Mandie Barnes and hairdresser friends have gone a long way in teaching us what a simple act of giving can do — and perhaps it will help us decide what Christmas gifts we are going to hand out this holiday season!