Sony Chairman Hirai Kazuo Announced That He Will Retire In June This Year

According to Engadget, Sony chairman Kazuo Hirai announced his retirement and ended his 35-year career at Sony.

Specifically, Hirai Kazuo will retire on June 18, that is, he will no longer serve as chairman and withdraw from the board of directors. However, at the invitation of the Sony management team, Hirai Kazuo will serve as a guest senior consultant for Sony.
Hirai Kazuo was appointed CEO and President of Sony in 2012. The company lost $6.4 billion in 2011. After cutting costs and refocusing his business on game imaging, he turned Sony into a profit, and the company’s 2017 revenues reached $6.7 billion.

Hirai Kazuo officially became the CEO of Sony in 2012. At that time, Sony had suffered losses for four consecutive years. In the face of such a situation, Changpingjing did not give up. According to his description, Sony was in a very challenging era. . Sony was in a tough situation at the time, not only facing the rivals of Apple and Samsung, but also facing losses in internal products. The question that Hirai Kazuo has been thinking about is how to reverse the loss situation of Sony.


Kazuo Hirai is a successful manager and is proficient in technology and internet computing, and his performance is more prominent among all executives, and his departmental performance is also the best among all departments. Under the leadership of Hirai Kazuo, Sony has brought Sony back to life in just five years. According to the data, Sony’s operating revenue increased in 2015, which is the first time Sony has turned a profit for so long. Yen’s volatility, turnover profit fell a little year-on-year, and in the following years, Sony’s overall sales increased year-on-year, while net profit increased by more than half, this is a proud achievement, which is also inseparable from Hirai Kazuo Effort to pay.

Hirai Kazuo is working for Sony all his life, but everyone knows that when Sony succeeds, it means saying goodbye to the uncle. Hirai Kazuo was awarded the title of “Uncle’s Smile” because of his unique smile. He himself was very satisfied with this title. Looking back on the life of Hirai Kazuo, we will find that Hirai is a very powerful person when he was young. He has lived in Canada, the United States and other places, and has gained his own success. Since he graduated, he worked at Sony. For him, many of his laughter moments in his life were due to the success of Sony. Kazuo Hirai said that he hopes that Sony can continue to develop products in the future, and can always be adventurous and has been innovating. At present, Sony has already achieved its own performance, but in the future, the company will continue to make great achievements.
After resigning as CEO, Mr. Hirai handed over the position of director to Kenichiro Yoshida, Chief Financial Officer.