Selfie, Face Palm, Bacon Among 72 New Emojis

Fist bumps, face-palms, Pinocchio’s nose and bacon are finally at your fingertips.

On June 27, the Unicode Consortium will release 72 new emojis to the public, all of which you can peep in the elevator music-bedded video from Emojipedia above.


One thing we noticed about Unicode 9, though, is that it seems like its express intention was to give mean teens a feast of new ways to throw shade. From the outset there’s a nauseous face, a lying face, and a black heart, which are all guaranteed to sting. There’s literally a backhand emoji in here, which there can’t be a kind use for, as well as facepalm, and shrug emojis.




All this is before you even get to the creative ones, like the clown face (perfect for combining with the donkey emoji), the shamefully-dressed man dancing emoji (inherently awful), and the aggressively lunging fencer emoji for unsubtle attacks (en garde!). There’s even a third place bronze medal emoji, for when you’ve deemed someone pathetic enough to call them the second loser.



And what’s food without a glass of whiskey or Champagne — both of which are now included in the pictorial language. The Noah’s Ark of animals will expand to fit a shark, squid, shrimp, gorilla, lizard, rhino, duck, eagle, bat, owl and deer. Sports fans will now be able to text symbols for water polo, team handball, cartwheel and juggling — and even send friends a gold, silver or bronze medal. The infamous eggplant emoji — which many texters use as a substitute for a penis, which does not have an official emoji — will be joined by new phallic vegetables, including a pickle and carrot.

Have a glimpse of all of the new emojis in list form here.


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