Rockets Harden Scored Two Goals Beyond The Two Superstars

Rocket Core Harden has ushered in two milestones. He scored 7 points in less than 6 minutes with the Nuggets. His career total score exceeded the previous rocket star McGrady’s 18,381 points and rose to the NBA. The 71st in history. Harden, 29, surpassed McGrady, who has been in the Basketball Hall of Fame. At the same time, his career three-pointers surpassed Kidd to rise to ninth in history.


Before this game, Harden scored 18,377 points, only 5 points to complete the transcendence of McGrady. Harden didn’t let people wait too long. He scored 2 points in the first quarter and broke the layup. He scored 8:01 in the first quarter and scored a jumper. The score tied McGrady. With 6 minutes and 19 seconds left in the first quarter, Harden’s iconic three-pointer made a three-pointer and scored 7 points, completing the transcendence of McGrady. Harden’s retreat from the three-pointer also made his career three-pointers reach 1989, surpassing Kidd’s ninth in history.

In fact, Harden’s milestone was delayed by two days. At his normal level, he should have surpassed McGrady in the face of the Bucks on March 27. There are even fans who expect him to surpass McGrady on March 25. Harden scored 57 points and 61 points in the face of the Grizzlies and Spurs, only need to score 56 points to surpass McGrady, but in the game with the cricket, he did not continue 50 + crazy performance, the team is early Leading the score, he only took 29 minutes to rest, got 28 points.

In the March 27th game, Harden was severely defended by the Bucks. He was in a bad state and only scored 23 points. Harden scored 51 points in two games. His battle beyond McGrady was postponed to the Nuggets on March 29.


Good things and more grinding, Harden finally completed the transcendence of McGrady, which is a very meaningful moment for him. McGrady is a point guard at the Hall of Fame. He has won two NBA scoring titles and was once regarded as one of Jordan’s successors. The East Axico South Maibei Card made the league crazy. McGrady’s white-haired rifle is graceful and has won countless fans. He also left the Rockets with 35 seconds and 13 points and led the team to a 22-game winning streak.

McGrady completely bid farewell to the NBA in 2013, when he was 34 years old. Now Harden has completed his transcendence of McGrady at the age of 29, and he is at the peak. With Harden’s physical condition, his career will be many years. This season, Harden has no suspense to win the scoring title and impact the second regular season MVP trophy.