Parents’ ‘Thank You’ Message To Their Kid’s Stepparents Will Warm Your Heart

In this touching video from the team at Soul Pancake, a blended family was brought together and expressed how they feel about each other. In the clip, we can see a family that breaks down for us their life in a very touching manner.

Jamey and Tara divorced after seven years of marriage and have a son, Nakhjavani, together.

Tara then got remarried to Jason who’s now Nak’s stepfather. Jamey also found a new partner, Natasha.

At first, Tara said not being with her son every single day is especially hard for her. But with time, each realized that the new people in their lives, Jason and Natasha were both great parents and great additions to their son Nak’s life. Midway through the clip, Jamey wrote a letter to Jason explaining how he feels about him as a stepparent and Tara did the same for Natasha. Sitting face-to-face, they read their letters to the new parents in their child life.

Confessing, Jamey said that Nak’s stepfather hugs him. He went on saying that he once saw his son’s stepfather weep because Nak was lying, and his reaction seemed like he was all his investment.

Surprisingly enough, Natasha, the stepmother of Nak was praised by Tara. She said that she was really looking for the appropriate time to sit down with her and tell her how grateful she is for the good care she is taking of her son.

The pairs reveal to the stepparents of their son how grateful they were by reading the letters they had drafted to them. We can see fears and doubts go away from the family, and, love remains. That is a true moment of what it means to be family!