One Armed Girl Found The Perfect Pet:A 3-Legged Kitten

The first pet for kids is always the unforgettable memories, but for California toddler Scarlette Tipton, the bond seems to be even more vital.


Scarlette survived a rare form of cancer when she was only 10 months old, but with her left arm completely amputated.The little girl needs to grow up with all those differences between she and others; we know that cannot be easy. Fortunately, 2-year-old Scarlette will never be alone, since she had found her best friend, Holly the 3-month-old kitten, whose left front paw was amputated too.


To comfort their daughter and help her better understand her condition, Watt and Simone Tipton had been seeking a appropriate friend for her.And the moment Scarlette’s parents noticed Holly on some news articles they knew it was meant to be the accompany they want their daughter to have.”We wanted a little kitten to have Scarlette grow up with, so she has something that’s just like her,” mom Simone Tipton told Love Meow.


Holly was found by two women in Perris, bleeding, with a traumatic injury.She lost her left front paw after she was caught in the fan belt of a car which she was sleeping in to keep warm.Carers in San Jacinto Valley Animal Campus nursed her back to health earlier this year, and Holly has just recovered from her surgery.


On this Christmas Eve, they took Scralette to the shelter to meet Holly, after which the adorable kitten became a member of the family as well as the best friend of their daughter.”Yes, an owie. Just like you. But she’s OK — just like you are, too,” her mother said.


Even for the first time the met, it had already made Scarlette better comprehend her condition as same as the one Holly is in.”She did notice that Doc had staples on her side and said ‘owies’. I let her know that she had owies just like her, and she placed her hand on her side and just nodded. She recognizes that the cat has similar struggles as she does.”said Simone.


Holly is now renamed as Doc after Scarlette’s favourite cartoon character Doc McStuffins, and also in memory of all those interaction that both she and Scarlette had with doctors.


Warmth will always exist between the pair of friends, since they match with each other so well and understand every single thing.On the Smiles for Scarlette Facebook page, the family called Doc their “Christmas magic” and admitted that they can’t wait to see the relationship between Scarlette and Doc grow.