Miranda’s Official Announcement Of Pregnancy, The Three-Child Mother Is Still Good

Former Victorian Miranda Kerr Miranda Kerr announced a good pregnancy news through a spokesperson, saying that “Miranda, Evan, Flynn and Hart are looking forward to this new member to join their family.” This will be her with 90 billion Evan Spiegel, the founder of the husband of the millionaire, is the second child of Evan Spiegel, and Miranda gave birth to her son Hart ten months ago. She also has an 8-year-old with the elf prince Orlando Bloom. Son Flynn.


Miranda Kerr released a set of photos and short videos of the red carpet that he went to Baden Baden in Germany to participate in the spa awards. On the red carpet, Miranda Kerr holds his already raised belly. The action is obviously a public announcement to the outside world that the fact that I have already had three births.

After Miranda Kerr sent the photos to her own ins, the friends who were also supermodels, KK Carolina Kikova and Lily Aldridge, sent blessings.

At the age of 36, Miranda Kerr, who is about to become the mother of the third child, is still so beautiful. She is wearing a pink and long skirt and appeared in the red carpet of the German town Baden Baden Spa awards. Big wavy hair with sexy red lips, the body is full of the ultimate charm, after the birth of two children, Miranda Kerr, more feminine!


Miranda Kerr took back a “Beauty Idol” trophy at the Spa awards. Her popularity has always been high and she is still there. After publishing the testimonials, Miranda also promoted her own skin care products. After turning to the boss, Miranda Kerr could not forget to promote her own products no matter where she went.

It seems that Miranda Kerr, who is already pregnant, will not be used for a long time and will be upgraded to the mother of three children.