Miami Match Federer Swept The Defending Champion And Won The 101st Title

On April 1st, the 2019 Miami Open ended the men’s singles final competition. The fourth seed of the tournament, Swiss King Federer swept the defending champion 6-1/6-4, the seventh seed Isner, and took the first place. 101 championship titles, 28th in the Masters.


Federer’s performance this week is quite stable, only lost one in five games, whether it is to beat Anderson, Wimbledon last year, or the recent rise of the teenager Shapovalov is not a bloody. Isner grabbed seven all the way, and also entered the finals for two consecutive years. The two had previously played for the second time, Federer 5 wins and 2 losses dominant, the last time is the 2015 Paris Masters Isner won.

At the start of the game, Isner’s serve was challenged, and Federer scored a break point at 40-15. After the defending champion chased the tie, he still lost two points. When he came up, he accidentally lost a serve. In the fifth round, the Swiss once again launched an offensive. He broke the second break point in this game. In the seventh game, Isner’s serve still did not improve. After dissolving an inventory, the Americans were still unable to guarantee a 1-6 defeat.


In the second set, the two players returned to the normal routine. The serve in the first eight innings was no suspense, and there was no even equal score. The score rose alternately to 4-4. The key tenth game is that Isner is not guaranteed, he sent a break point and a match point 15-40. Federer wasted a chance to complete the break to win the championship 6-4.

In the whole game, Federer scored 100%, and eight serveers only lost three points and did not send a break point. This is the fourth seed in Miami for the fourth time, and also the 101st championship in total. He won the championship and became the biggest winner of the North American season. The champion ranked first.