Martin Passeri Losing At Surfing,but the biggest triumph of his life

It’s not strange to the podium  for the five-time Argentinian surf champion Martin Passeri,who won a staggering 60 national and 15 international surf events during his 20 year career.But at a recent comp,he surprised everyone when the surfer made an unexpected decision: when he was called to compete, instead of racing to the water, he stopped short.

Passeri stopped next to Nicolas Gallegos,a dude in a wheelchair who was paralysed from the waist down in an accident some 20 years earlier. His life-long dream, cut short, had been to one day become a surfer. Twenty years later, his dream was became a reality.Touched by the fact that Nicolas was still so stoked on surfing, Passeri  making a career changing decision, taps Nicolas on the shoulder and offers him a ride he can’t refuse—the surf champion wanted to help him catch his first wave.

Nicolas took the champ up on his offer, and the pair headed for the ocean. Martin Passeri was disqualified from the competition. He may have lost the comp, but he made another mans dreams come true. Winning isn’t always about the trophy.As the man himself said

The truth is that I didn’t loose. I believe that was the best wave, and the biggest triumph of my life.”