Longboardstroller Is the Perfect City Commuter for Both You and Your Kid

“Strollers. They’re so lame! They’re for regular dads with cheese-fry paunches and boring IT jobs. But you, you’re not a regular dad. You’re a hot dad. And you deserve a hot-dad stroller.”

To fulfill the ‘hot-dad dreams’, here comes out a perfect antidote – The Quinny Longboardstroller.


In just a couple of words, they stuck a stylish stroller onto a longboard and added all the needed safety features.It’s like jumping on to the cart at Ikea and making it go fast-fast-fast, with the kids inside and you up on the back. Does it ride as cool as it looks? Well, it sure seems so.


The Longboardstroller  features specials trucks and large wheels, a safety leash, a low deck for lower center of gravity (better stability) as well as a handbrake for reliably slowing down and stopping the board.  The child should always wear a helmet and protective gear at all times.


Concerning safety – which is probably the first thing one thinks about when seeing it – Quinny claims their longboard stroller was developed, tested, and approved for use in the European Community. Unfortunately, it was not designed for other territories, notably North America, Australia, or New Zealand.I’m sure some resourceful individuals who want one will quickly start making friends in the EU. Lol.

As far as we can tell, riding this thing may be even easier than using a skateboard. Its manufacturer claims you don’t need any longboard experience to use it, as after a bit of practice anyone should be able to use it. Steering goes automatically by just moving your weight, while braking is done with a hand brake similar to what regular bikes have.

Only 1,000 of the Quinny Longboardstrollers are being hand-produced in Portugal. Now available at 599€.The price tag is high. How come? Quinny Says “We’ve chosen to use the best possible components and materials in order to deliver a high end product. Working only with top-notch materials and parts from proven longboard brands. Assembly happens in Europe to assure the highest quality.”


Would you use it?As for Moms, of course, are welcome to use the hot-dad vehicle of choice, but we all know no mom would be caught dead on that thing.