Learn To Arrange Flowers And Give Life A Little More Vitality

There are six basic patterns in flower arrangement, but no matter which pattern is used, the harmonious proportional relationship is indispensable. In the flower arrangement, in order to make the work more vivid, there are certain requirements for the layout of the flower material.Here are some tips for flower arrangement.


1.Choose the season flowers. Choosing seasonal flowers can save you money and make your flower arrangements more timely, especially on special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and special birthday parties.

Spring: In the spring, the most popular flowers include: daffodils, peony, tulips, sweet peas, daffodils, hyacinths, anemone, lilac, delphinium and bolognese.
Summer: In the summer, the most popular flowers include: lily, gerbera, sun flower, snapdragon, hydrangea, delphinium, freesia, lavender, forget-me-not, Northern Ireland bellflower, chrysanthemum and night scent.
Autumn: In the fall, the most popular flowers include: dahlia, marigold, zinnia, star flower, chrysanthemum and asters.
Winter: In winter, the most popular flowers include camellia, poinsettia, Christmas star, star lily, jasmine, holly, cosmos and amaryllis.
Perennial: Perennial flowers include: orchids, gardenia, roses, lily of the valley, gypsophila, emperor flowers, orchid flowers, heather, gladioli, eucalyptus and romantic waters.


2.The combination of flowers and materials should be high, low, front and back, and they should not be inserted in the same straight line or on the same contour line. They should be high and low, and they should be placed in front and back. Organized and hierarchically distributed in the upper, middle, lower and front, middle and rear parts of the whole shape, forming an orderly harmonious rhythm to ensure that the works have obvious multi-level changes and a strong three-dimensional sense.

3.The flower branches of the upper and lower left and right should echo each other around the main strip to maintain the integrity and balance between the branches. Whether it is a single work or a combination work, it should show its integrity and balance. The flowers should be reconciled around the center of gravity, and the coordination of mind should not only reflect the integrity of the work, but also maintain the balance of the work. The flower material revolves around the center of gravity, and the mind is coordinated and integrated. The reclining of the flower material can bring the viewer’s line of sight to the center of gravity and create a sense of stability.


4.The flower material is not divided into light and heavy. It is only because of the difference in texture, shape and color, which causes psychological and heavy feeling. The texture and the similarly shaped flowers are combined to make it easier to coordinate. On this basis, the flowers of different colors will be used. Cooperation can also achieve a colorful and coordinated effect, generally refers to a small form, light texture, light color, on the top or outside, and vice versa to be inserted near the center of gravity, so that the work keeps the center of gravity, such as flowers on the top, below Inserted into a cluster of flowers, deep flowers on the top, can be inserted into a cluster of shallow flowers, in order to achieve the balance of the work center of gravity.


5.The base of each part of the flower material should be gathered like a tree trunk, twisted into a strong force, which seems to be the same root, the upper part is scattered like a branch, the personality is spread, the spread is appropriate, and the gracefulness makes the work have both rich and colorful personality. Identity, the flower arrangement is important, it means that the base of the flower is gathered together, the upper part is naturally scattered, like a bush, naturally orderly.

Once you have finished arranging flowers, you should try to keep them out of direct sunlight, try to keep them away from high temperatures, and try to keep them away from the fruit, as these will exacerbate the wilting of the flowers.