Israel’s First Attempt To Land On The Moon Failed

Israel’s non-profit space organization SpaceIL and Israel Aerospace Industries announced on the evening of 11th that Israel’s first moon-exploring probe, Genesis, failed to land on the moon as planned.

Israel Aerospace Industries said that the detector had a technical failure and that the detector lost contact with the ground and crashed into the surface of the moon a few minutes before it was ready to land on the moon. The company said, “We went to the moon, but obviously not what we want.”


On February 21, Genesis took off the US Space Exploration Technology Corporation’s Falcon 9 rocket and entered the lunar orbit on April 4. It was originally planned to land at 22:25 on the 11th local time in Israel. According to reports, the detector successfully launched the landing procedure, but at a distance of less than 10 kilometers from the surface of the moon, the main engine suddenly failed, causing the detector to not “brake” in time to ensure a slow landing.

That night, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu went to the control room of the Israel Aerospace Industries Corporation in the middle to watch the moon landing. After the failure of the moon landing, Netanyahu said that although Israel’s first moon landing was not successful, “will try again” and he will consider launching Israel’s space program.

Morris Kahn, the main sponsor of the Genesis mission to the moon, said that despite the failure to successfully land on the moon, the organization has made amazing achievements.

NASA Director Jim Bridsenting said in a statement on the 11th that NASA expressed regret that the “Genesis” failed to land on the moon, but still congratulated the Israeli side for its incredible achievements, the first Spacecraft funded by the private sector is sent to the lunar orbit.