Having A Dog May Help With Cardiovascular Disease

Owning a dog can help people with cardiovascular disease improve their health, French health magazine TOPSANTE reported.


The French heart association recently launched a twitter campaign called “Oh my dog! To encourage people to adopt a dog to fight cardiovascular disease.
The campaign is aimed at the elderly. The French heart association says that while life expectancy is increasing, the amount of time people spend in good health is rarely increasing. Older people tend to be socially isolated and prone to smoking and unhealthy eating habits, leading to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. To change this, the association recommends getting a dog. That’s because it encourages older people to stay physically active and socialize more, thereby moving away from a sedentary lifestyle and keeping their hearts healthy!

The association quotes cardiologist Francois Carre as saying that older people’s muscular endurance and athletic ability decline with age, so physical activity is necessary. Carre recommends starting at age 65 with at least an hour of exercise a day, but break it down into several sessions. Walking the dog, on the other hand, achieves the goal of physical exercise.
In fact, dog ownership not only improves cardiovascular disease, but also has more benefits.

Dog owners are generally less likely to get sick. Dogs bring a lot of bacteria to life, however, this can help people develop immunity and reduce the chance of getting sick. In addition, research shows that families with dogs are less likely to develop alzheimer’s disease. In addition, owning a dog can help you increase the amount of exercise in your life and help treat anxiety disorders.
All in all, there are many benefits to owning a dog. Why not have a cute dog?