Harry William Confirmed To Live Separately

6642147398330266338Prince Harry and his wife, Megan, have been married since May 2018. From time to time, they have contradicted their brothers and sisters Prince William. Now the two families have finally confirmed that they will live separately and work independently.

Buckingham Palace announced on Thursday (14th) that the two brothers “separated” news, Queen Elizabeth II agreed to let the two couples set up a new office in Buckingham Palace. It is alleged that the Harrys also hired former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as a public relations consultant.

Buckingham Palace issued a statement saying that Harry and Megan would move away from the Kensington Palace where the Williams lived, move to Windsor Castle’s Frogmore Cottage, and their offices would be in Buckingham Palace. It means that the arrangement will ensure that the work of the two people has permanent support.

Dickie Arbiter, a former spokesperson for the royal family, said that there is absolutely no malice in “separating the family.” It is only two men who want to play their different roles in the royal family.

He said that Prince William will take over more work from his father, Prince Charles, while Charles will share some of his duties for his mother, Queen.
Harry is focused on topics such as Invictus Games and rehabilitated retired soldiers. William has always been less involved in such charitable work, so it is reasonable to work separately.

Abit pointed out that Megan will soon be ready to go, and the space needed is large, so moving out of Kensington Palace is for practical needs. He stressed that the Hari family moved to the office and did not mean that they would undermine the feelings of the two brothers.