Ginger Kills Cancer 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo In Research Model

Ginger has always been a good choice in dishes, and of course a comforting warmer for common cold as well as nuasea. But have it ever cross your mind that this plant could also be a weapon 10,000 times more powerful than chemotherpy against cancer?


According to worldwide research, it is believed that numerous natural plants can defend specific organ from cancer without causing extra harm to the rest of the body.

Recently, researchers from Georgia State University made new progress of ginger with their experiments on tumor-bearing mice. They found that ginger is able to take the fight to a specific deadly cancer related to the prostate.“The present study reports a novel finding that oral consumption of the extract of whole ginger, a commonly consumed vegetable worldwide, significantly inhibits prostate tumor progression…”claimed one of the researcher.

So how does it work? There’re two ways for ginger to beat cancer. First, rather than allowing the cancer cells to grow and reproduce at rapid rate, ginger leads to natural apoptosis.In this process, cancer cells destruct themselves so that the size of tumor can be decreased. Second, it causes “autophagy”. Impressively, ginger tricks the cancerous cells into eating themselves.

Non-toxic potent compounds named gingerols impact the particular organ while leaving the healthy parts untouched, in comparison to common chemotherapy options which inevitably take away patients’ hair, fingernail and strength. Abuse of chemotherapy is quite risky and often lose the effectiveness quickly, since the cancer cells would build resistance to the repetitive treatment

From the latest study, scientists found that the active ingredients in ginger root had anti-angiogenic properties which means it can cut off cancer before it even start. And it has been proved that ginger is beneficial for curing ovarian cancer.

Up to now, this theory has only been conducted on mice. Nevertheless, it’s hopeful that ginger can help with the fight to human cancer soon in the future.Proper use of ginger in your diet might even help prevent cancer cells from appearing from the very beginning.

Ayurvedic consultant Dr. Jaishree Bhattacharjee said, ”Ginger has many useful minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc and few others.”

For daily home remedies, there’re few smart ways of making good use of ginger.

  • You can eat thin slices of ginger in a salt and limejuice before and after meals to improve appetite and digestion.
  • It can be used in cooking as a fresh spice to enhance the taste.
  • Therapeutically ginger juice is mixeed with basil leaves juice and honey to cure cough and cold.
  • Ginger jucie application is said to be good for hypo pigmented patches on your skin.
  • It can be used in scrubs and baths for fresh rejuvenating aroma.

So why not add some ginger in your dinner today!