From Liver Donation to To Marriage Vows:The Most Unlikely Love Story

The romantic love legend between this adorable couple had began even prior to the time they got to know each other.When Chris Dempsey decided to get involved to save the complete stranger’s life, of course he had no idea that Heather Krueger would become his beloved wife rather than a single name on paper.And the unfortunate disease of Heather was exactly where the story began.

Diagnosed with stage 4 liver disease in January 2015, Heather Krueger from Frankfort, Illinois was on a waiting list for a healthy liver for operation.However, since her condition kept worsening, she had to find a donor immediately. And it was at this point that Chris heard it from a co-worker and was determined to step in without too much hesitation.”When I heard about it, I just thought I would want someone to help me.” he told ABC.[1]

Therefore, he went to hospital and went through all those medical tests.When he called Heather and told her all checks went well, it was just too surprising for her to believe.”Chris called me and said the tests came out great, let’s do this, I’m a match, I’m your donor,” Heather said. A week before the 26th birthday of Heather, the operation took place at the Univerity of Illinois Hospital on March.Her life was saved by 55 percent of his liver.

Apparently, Heatherwas totally moved and amazed. “I thought to myself, this would be a nice way to set it up, but I’m like, don’t get yourself too excited.” Heather said, “If wasn’t for this person, I wouldn’t have made it to Christmas; he was a selfless and brave person who was perfectly healthy and didn’t know me before this.”Well, when it comes to romance after the surgeries, nothing seems more beautiful.


During the two-month recovery process after the transplant surgeries, the pair stayed in hospital bed and their relationship gets closer every day.”We started spending more and more time together, doing dinners and going to the movies,” Chris told HuffPost. “After the surgery, we really made it official and started hitting it off.”


After considering for several months, Chris, the former Marine, finally asked Heather the vital question. He planned a romantic evening for her. In Chicago, they enjoyed dinner together at The Signature Room at the John Hancock Center, a carriage ride, and there was the proposal of course.


“When I sit back and think about it, it’s just, ‘Wow, one thing changed the course of two people’s lives,” Chris told Heather is marrying her life-saver in 2016 and they are a perfect match in more ways than one.Maybe this is what we call destiny.