Daughter Was In Dire Need Of Pads So She Texts Dad To Buy Them. Then THIS Happens…

Being a father is not easy, and it’s especially more complicated when you are a father of a teenage girl. It’s easy to see why. As a father, it’s hard to relate to your daughter and her experiences as she progresses through puberty and maturation. A father personally has never experienced or faced such experiences. Despite this, it’s important for a father to try his best to empathize with her daughter and understand how she’s changing and growing.

One father tried to do this. When Tia Savva asked her dad to buy pads for her at the store, he tried his best to help her out, even though he had no clue what he was doing. What ensues is absolutely hilarious!


At first, Dad doesn’t realize that Always is a brand name. Furthermore, he doesn’t realize how many different types of pads there are.


Tia’s father was visibly uncomfortable. Being a male in a tampon and pad aisle can be a rather weird feeling. I am sure men try their best to avoid this aisle!


This is such a hilarious exchange between father and daughter. I couldn’t stop laughing!