Britney’s Mental State Is Unstable And Re-admitted

Due to her father’s health crisis, the 37-year-old Britney Spears was in a state of instability and re-entered a psychotherapy institution. She also said on social networking sites on Wednesday that it would take some time to take care of herself.


Britney Jane Spears is a famous American actor and singer. In her childhood, Britney began her acting career after joining the popular TV show “Mickey Mouse Club”. She became famous for her debut album’s debut single, “The Beginning of Love,” and then Britney’s life is like a hang-up. It has always been smooth, and her career is at its peak.

Britney, who just made her debut in a sweet and pure image, quickly became the number one idol of boys and girls around the world. The media in mainland China and Taiwan generally nicknamed “Britney Britney Spears”. She is one of the symbols of the new generation of American pop culture. She is known as the last star of the 20th century. She is the recovery of American youth pop music. By. Although Britney has become a popular symbol of the world since she debuted, there are also opinions that her personal image and private life are highly controversial. Britney has a rich emotional life. Her relationship with her first boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, lasted only two years. After that, Britney married her two ex-husbands. Both marriages ended in failure.

It is reported that Britney has canceled her performance in Las Vegas in the past few months, and announced that she will suspend the activities and concentrate all her energy on her father Jamie. Her father was seriously ill and his life was dying. The spirit is very tense, because the father has been sleeping well, the spirit is almost collapsed, and she has to ask for help only.


It is reported that Jamie was hospitalized for colonic rupture and received a second operation a few weeks ago, but his condition still did not improve. Britney said on the social networking site that he should take care of his father and put more attention on himself. Britney and her family have deep feelings. My father’s illness has dealt a big blow to her, but in fact she did not have a dramatic change like the outside speculation, just realized that she should take care of herself.

Britney was hospitalized in 2008 after she experienced a series of setbacks, both career and emotional. The entry into the psychotherapy institution was specifically requested by his father Jamie. The doctor said that she would be given a mandatory treatment for her for one month to help her restore her mental health.