British Theatre Oliver Awards

On the evening of April 7, 2019, the award ceremony was held at the highest prize of the British Theatre and the 43rd Oliver Prize.


Generally speaking, every year the Oliver Awards always have a repertoire that is the biggest winner and has won several awards, such as Hamilton in 2018 (7 items) and 2017 Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (11 item). But this year, the awards were evenly distributed, and the two musicals “Company” and “Come from Away”, which won nine nominations, eventually won four awards.

The story of “Partners” is centered around the single men of New York, Bobby. He is a single man who is difficult to maintain long-term relationship between men and women, and is even less responsible for marriage. He has 10 friends and 5 couples. He looks at the marriage life of these friends with cold eyes and concludes that marriage is unfortunate, but he can’t figure out the relationship between the three girlfriends. The whole drama consists of multiple independent stories. There is no linear development relationship, which is connected by Bobby’s 35th birthday.


“Partners” won four awards for the best rehearsal musical, best musical supporting actress, best musical supporting actor and best dance design.

“From the Distance”, which won four awards for Best New Musical, Best Choreography, Best Sound Design, and Outstanding Music Achievements, is a Broadway move to the West End. “From afar” is adapted from the true story of the United States after 9/11. When the World Trade Center was hit, the US airspace was closed and 38 planes landed in Canada. The 7,000 passengers on board were trapped in the town of Gander in Newfoundland, and the town residents helped the strangers.


In terms of drama, The Inheritance won four awards for Best New Play, Best Director, Best Drama Man, and Best Lighting Design. The play consists of two parts, each of which lasts more than three hours, telling the story of a generation of young gay men living in New York after the AIDS crisis.