Books Come Alive at ‘World’s First Explorastorium’

Reading is something helpful, by which we can broaden our horizons, get to know about the world. You might not deny that real feeling of the book.


Ever dream of living in your favorite book?

It’s not strange for people to have one or even more enthralling books, and we are likely to imagine what’ll happen if we were the protagonist.

rabbit hole1

The project “The Rabbit Hole”, soon to be located in Kansas City, is trying to develop a brand-new experience around children’s book by creating a sensible place, a storybook world and ever-changing galleries , in which readers are allowed to crawl, walk, and climb through.

It’s indeed a kind of art gallery, but also a visionary nonprofit center for the children’s book chartered to form new and extraordinary encounters with literature, with its mission to help revitalizing a passion of reading in children.

So why it becomes popular before the final establishment?

The reason may due to its meaningful goal: to open up new worlds and create greater access to literature by building a new kind of entry that embraces readers and non-readers alike, and provides a new way for children and adults to rediscover the joy and wonder of books, together.

It  looks so real to be the world’s first “Exploratorium” — a fun, fresh amalgamation of bookstore, museum, playground, workshop, and interactive theater performance, all in one fantastical location.

Expect for the launch of the “Rabbit Hole”!