Asian Culture Carnival Multi-national Literature and Art Celebrities Appear

On May 15, the Asian Civilization Dialogue Conference opened in Beijing. As one of the important activities of the conference, the “Asian Culture Carnival” was unveiled at the National Stadium “Bird’s Nest”.


The “Asian Carnival” was hosted by the Central Radio and Television General Station and kicked off in the symphony interactive chorus “Our Asia”. “Our Asia” is an Asian orchestra composed of the China Symphony Orchestra, the Central Opera Symphony Orchestra and musicians from many Asian countries. The event site is a perfect blend of passionate singing, cheerful dance steps, and instrumental music, and the beauty of Chinese culture and the light of Asian civilizations are combined to present the unique beauty of each country’s culture. These “beauty and the United States” programs not only set up a bridge of friendship for artists from all over the world, but also set up a platform for enhancing the understanding and friendship of the people of all countries in Asia.

Abdul Hamid Azman, a journalist from New Straits Times Press in Malaysia (Malaysia), is coming to China for the third time. He likes Chinese culture and is very interested in Chinese civilization and historical sites. He has been to the Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City. He also knows the Yellow River and the Yangtze River. He said that China is an ancient civilization with a long history and shines brightly in the history of world culture. He is honored to be able to come to China again to participate in the Asian Civilization Dialogue. He also hopes that this meeting will build a dialogue and exchange. The platform promotes the development of civilization in Asia and the world more inclusive, creative and durable.

There were also some star figures at the “Carnival” party. Jackie Chan (Hong Kong, China), Zhang Yixing, Lang Lang, Zhang Jie, Chen Weiwei (Hong Kong, China), and Zheng Zhixun (Korea), Wang Lihong (USA), Du Shi Qinghua (Vietnam), Lin Junjie (Singapore), Eden Huolan (Israel) And other literary celebrities have staged. In addition, the Italian singer Andrei Bocelli also sang “No one to sleep tonight” on the carnival. In the unique and ingenious stage design and passionate stage performance, the beautiful flower of Asian civilization blooms in the sky above the “Bird’s Nest”.