Apple CEO Tim Cook launches biography

Today, Cook officially launched his own biography, the new book is called “Tim Cook: the genius to make Apple a new level”.


Amazon and Apple’s iTunes eBook store has begun accepting reservations for $13.99.

Tim Cook’s biography records the privacy protection of the iPhone in the San Bernardino shootings between Apple and the FBI. It also details the current status of Apple’s efforts to change, future development plans, and The impact of the environment, through Cook’s own values and experience, will also elaborate on Apple’s ecological concerns and efforts for the health of users.


The last words of Steve Jobs: Be yourself. Jobs told Cook that when he made the decision, don’t ask Jobs what to do. And each generation of Apple’s design has never come out of nothing, and each generation’s design has undergone countless derivation and thoughtful results.The iPhone was actually invented by Jobs, but since the auction of Apple, Apple’s market value can be said to have tripled, which makes Apple the world’s highest value technology company.

Cook is a very successful businessman.When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, Apple at that time was basically not going to work. At this time, Cook, who was in the midst of Yahoo’s scenery, was willing to go to Apple with Jobs. This shows that Cook’s vision is so unique.