American Airlines Extends Boeing 737 Max Flight Stop

According to the “Washington Post” report, on April 7, local time, the United States’ largest airline, American Airlines, said it would extend the flight stop period of the Boeing 737Max aircraft from the original April 24 to June 5. During this period, American Airlines expects to cancel approximately 90 flights per day for this model.


According to reports, American Airlines has 24 Boeing 737 Max aircraft, which admitted in a statement that extending the grounding period may cause problems for some passengers. As for when to fly back to the Boeing 737MAX aircraft, American Airlines said it needs to wait for further information from the US Federal Aviation Administration, the US Department of Transportation, the US National Transportation Safety Board and other regulatory agencies.

As the best-selling model, MAX contributed nearly a third of its operating profit to Boeing. However, the two crashes that occurred within five months made this former star model a “hot potato”. At present, Boeing 737 MAX has been grounded worldwide. Earlier, Indonesian Lion Air was also exposed to cancel the order of 22 billion Boeing. Thai Airways International also said it will no longer purchase 737 MAX. South Korea also announced its refusal to accept. The new 737 MAX… Norwegian Airlines also said it would seek compensation from Boeing for the losses caused by the impact of the grounding. In addition, if it is finally determined that Boeing is responsible for the crash, then Boeing will have to make huge compensation for the families of the victims.


According to reports from Boeing, as of February 2019, it has delivered 376 single-aisle jets to 47 airlines or leasing companies, with orders from more than 80 operators increasing by at least 5,000. Most of the sales came from the 737 Max 8, which was involved in both accidents, which means that the scope of Boeing’s grounding will continue to expand.

After the US regulators grounded the 737MAX aircraft, Boeing President Millenberg said he was still “confident” about the safety of the 737Max. But within a week after the crash of Ethiopian Airlines, Boeing’s market value lost more than $22 billion, accounting for 12% of the total market value. Currently, Boeing has begun to reduce the 737 MAX series aircraft. The company said in a statement issued on the 5th that it plans to reduce the production of 737MAX aircraft from 52 to 42 aircraft per month from mid-April.