A Natural “Sleep Aid” To Treat Insomnia In A Healthy Way

With the emergence of various practical problems, more and more people become anxious, so now more and more people become insomniacs. Long-term insomnia does great harm to our physical and mental health. So if do not take medicine, how can you treat insomnia? The following foods can help treat insomnia.
1. Lily bean milk

Take lily, mung bean each 25 grams, rock sugar a few, cooked rotten, add some milk when taking, to the person that cannot sleep in summer, have clear heart to divide vexed sedative effect, milk contains tryptophan to be able to promote morpheus in cerebrum turn into serotonin.
2. The wine

We all know that drinking wine can help you sleep, and that’s because the hormone nachmelatonin in red wine makes you sleepy. Wine is arguably the safest sleep aid.
3. The millet

Millet contains a lot of tryptophan, and millet contains a lot of starch, after eating can make people feel full, further increase the tryptophan content in the brain. So people who can’t sleep well can usually eat more millet porridge, which is very simple and effective.
4. Licorice

Licorice has a very good anti – irascibility, heat and detoxification effect, contains nutrients for our health is very helpful, usually appropriate with licorice bubble water to drink, play a very good ning xin an shen to help sleep.
5. Papaya

Papaya contains a substance called papain, which helps break down fats into fatty acids. In addition, papaya helps the body get rid of moisture, and eating papaya at night can also help promote sleep.
6. Zizyphus jujube

Jujube has the effect of invigorating spleen, nourishing heart, appetizing nerves, and treating insomnia with benevolence. Can use acid jujube seed 30 ~ 50 grams, mash, add water to fry thick, take juice 100 milliliters, early, late partial take, for neurasthenia, insomnia many dream curative effect is better.