A Naked Restaurant?It Has An 15,000-Person Waiting List To Dine

Ever been out for a fancy dinner and found yourself feeling a bit restricted by your equally fancy outfit? Ever wished you could just take your dinner home in a little box and eat it naked in front of the TV? Of course you have.

A  new pop-up restaurant,called The Bunyadi, coming to central London this summer will give diners the option to eat in the nude.No impurities, no chemicals, no artificial colors, no electricity, no gas, no phone and … no clothes.And, apparently, many people do so wish.So far, over 15,000 people people have signed up for tickets on the restaurant’s website.


The restaurant will embrace all things ‘natural’, with the menu featuring dishes made only with natural, home-grown ingredients and cooking methods. Food will be served on handmade clay platters, along with edible cutlery.  Even the decor will follow a natural theme, with earthy, wooden furniture, bamboo and wicker partitions, and natural lighting.


Oh, and everyone will be naked.

When you arrive at The Bunyadi you’ll be given an option to enjoy your meal naked. If you’re up for it, you’ll then enter the bar area (where everyone’s fully clothed), then head into the changing rooms, where you’ll be given a gown.


You’ll then go through into the dedicated naked area, lit only by candles so you won’t have to deal with unflattering overhead lighting all over your bits. Once you’re comfortable you can remove your gown and bask in your own nakedness as you enjoy your meal.


Staff and waiters will be naked too.

But don’t panic.Cameras, of course, aren’t allowed inside the restaurant.And  you don’t have to be naked to attend. There’s also a clothed section for anyone who’s not up for stripping off.All the chefs and kitchen staff are fully clothed, so you don’t need to be worry about any of their, erm, areas making contact with your food.

The restaurant is scheduled to open in June for three months.Just sign up on their website if you’re interested  in this unique dining experience.