A Few Interesting Things You May Not Know About Coffee

Coffee is a drink that has been followed by lovers all over the world since its discovery. It makes a lot of people love and hate, and in the course of history, a lot of fun happens.


1.Coffee and marriage
Only in Turkey is marriage associated with coffee.
When the man comes dressed up, the woman proposed must make coffee in person to receive the prospective husband. The woman can use the taste of coffee to decide whether the coffee served is sweet or not. If the woman likes the man, she will add sugar to the coffee. In addition, at the wedding ceremony, the groom is required to make a cup of Turkish coffee for the bride, and divorce if he fails.

2.The king of Sweden’s coffee experiment
In the second half of the 18th century, king gustaf iii of Sweden, convinced that caffeine was a deadly drug, devised an elaborate experiment to prove his belief. Let another death row inmate drink tea every day.
Unfortunately, the two doctors in charge of the experiment died first, and gustav iii himself died in the last murder in Swedish history. As for the two prisoners on death row, the one who drank the tea died at the age of eighty-three, leaving the other prisoner alone to drink his coffee until he died.


3.The birth of americano
All-american coffee appeared after world war ii, after the americans ended the war in Europe, most of the troops went to southern Europe, but when they arrived in southern Europe, the American soldiers found that they could not accept Espresso, so they used warm water to break the coffee, thus american-style coffee was born!
Another theory is that americano was invented during the war because of the shortage of coffee and the need to drink it every day.

4.Drinking coffee is considered illegal
This happened three times in history.
The first was mecca in 1511; The second was when Charles ii of Europe tried to put down the rebellion; The third time was in 1677, when Frederick the great, king of Prussia, thought that importing coffee would accelerate the outflow of money from the country and cause economic decline.


5.The French snapped up coffee
I heard that France once drank less coffee due to a shortage of coffee, and immediately saw more people dozing off. It may seem like an exaggeration, but it’s true that the French love coffee.
When the gulf war broke out in 1991, France was one of the countries participating in the war. Some people in France were worried about the impact of the war on the supply of daily necessities and rushed to the supermarkets. Even the television station was shocked when the camera turned to the customers who were carrying the most scarce goods, only to find that they were carrying the most coffee and sugar. It was the big joke of the day.