5 Kinds Of Food Can Improve Weak Spleen And Stomach

Many people have poor spleen and stomach function in life. Poor spleen and stomach function will affect their normal diet, and they will suffer from poor appetite and indigestion, which will affect their health. Generally, people with poor spleen and stomach function are more prone to various diseases. Therefore, people with poor spleen and stomach function should pay attention to conditioning, which can be done through diet. The following foods can help with poor spleen and stomach function.


1, lamb


Mutton can replenish blood and provide enough energy for human body. Mutton food temperature, on the spleen and stomach cold caused by nausea symptoms have a good therapeutic effect. And with certain cooking methods, our bodies can better absorb the nutrients contained in mutton and provide energy for the body. However, it is important to note that when eating lamb, it is best to remove and rinse the meat with ginger slices to create a better taste.

2, lotus root,


Lotus root is a kind of cool food, and it is very rich in nutrition value. It can provide a soothing effect on the body and nourish the stomach. However, lotus root is best cooked before eating, if eaten raw cold, will cause indigestion and other symptoms.

3, apple,


Apple is a common fruit. Many people like to eat apples. Apple can not only beauty, for some spleen and stomach cold people, but also can eat apple to achieve the effect of spleen and stomach. The nutritional effect of apple is various, for constipation and diarrhea, it also has a good effect of improvement. And apple satiety feeling is very strong, in the process of weight loss apple is also good.

4, orange



Oranges contain a lot of vitamins, not only can beauty and beauty, but also can improve the body’s immunity. The most important thing is that oranges can strengthen the spleen and nourish the stomach. For some vomiting anorexia has a good relief effect. Many people suffer from bloating while eating, so try eating an orange to improve the bloating problem.

5, yam


Chinese yam is a good tonic, some people with weak spleen and stomach can take some Chinese yam in daily life. Yams contain a lot of nutrients, including amylase. Amylase can make the spleen and stomach better able to digest and absorb, and can nourish the stomach and produce fluid. Yams can also be used with other ingredients to make soup, which is tasty and healthy. So some people whose spleen and stomach are not so healthy can keep some yam at home.

Spleen and stomach health is a very important factor for our health. If the spleen and stomach are weak and cold, it will lead to a lot of bad symptoms. The person with unhealthy spleen and stomach had better eat more than a few kinds of food at ordinary times to keep his body in a healthy state.