5 Fruits For Health And Beauty

White and fair and ruddy skin is to eat come out, this summer should eat fruit to just can whiten blemish to return your ruddy skin more, what fruit effect is so good then?


1.Cherries – the fruit acid also promotes the formation of cuticles
Cherry is a kind of fruit that contains iron and carotene more, its nutrition is very rich, can have the effect that invigorates blood and kidney to the person with more empty blood, before meal edible 200-300 grams can recuperate intestines and stomach function, have profit very much to the person with poor digestive function. The rich vitamin C in cherries can moisturize and whiten the skin and effectively resist the formation of melanin. In addition, the fruit acid in cherries also promotes the formation of cuticles.


2.Tomato – balance the PH value of skin, remove spots and whiten skin
Tomatoes are nutritious and low in calories, so many models eat them to stay in shape. Its rich acidic juices help balance the PH of your skin. For dark and rough skin, you can pound tomato juice and apply it to your face. After leaving it for about 15 minutes, rinse it with clean water. It is very helpful to remove dead skin on your face.


3.Grapes — antioxidants
The most skin-protecting grape is the grape seed. Grape seeds have super antioxidant capacity, which is 50 times of vitamin E, can delay aging, maintain skin health, prevent the invasion of ultraviolet rays on the skin and prevent arteriosclerosis. Grape seeds are also known as skin vitamins, which are 20 times of vitamin C. Phenolanthocyanins, according to their fat-soluble and water-soluble characteristics, have whitening effect. In Europe, grape seeds are known as “oral skin cosmetics”.


4.Apple – often eat apple can fade facial freckles and chloasma
Apple is rich in nutrition, is a widely used natural beauty products, beauty by many people as a sacred beauty. Apples contain 0.3% protein, 0.4% fat, 0.9% crude fiber and various minerals, aromatic alcohols and so on. It contains a lot of water and a variety of moisturizing factors on the skin moisturizing effect, vitamin C can inhibit the skin in the melanin of the calm. In addition, apple contains rich fruit acid ingredients can make pores unobstructed, acne effect.


5.Strawberries – whiten and moisturize
Strawberries are berries that are high in sugar and contain a variety of fruit acids, vitamins and minerals, which help to make your skin more elastic and whiten, moisturize and moisturize. Oily the woman of the skin, more answer to often eat strawberry, because it has the effect of skin of go oil, clean, juice of strawberry can serve as hairdressing to taste apply face. Many of today’s cleansing and nutrition facials also include ingredients from strawberries, such as the rare berry polyphenols, which are good for fighting acne. Often use strawberry beauty, can make the skin fresh and smooth, avoid pigmentation. Strawberries are also rich in vitamin A and potassium, which are great for hair health. Might as well drink a cup of strawberry juice before going to bed, have certain effect to promoting morpheus.