25 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

Have you ever imaged standing exactly in the creepy scenes exactly like those in horror movies? These places are so thrilling to visit that they would make you tremble with your hair stands on end.

1.Aokigahara Forest

Located at the base of Mt Fuji, Aokigahara Forest is extremely scary, with all the dead bodies of people who committed suicide piled since 1950s. And the somber shrubbery simply worsen the atmosphere. In reality, the situation is so bad that signs are now scattered throughout the woods there, saying “think of your family” and “life is precious”.


2.Maunsell Sea Forts

At the south sea of England, these forts was first built for protecting the country from potential Nazi invasion during WWII. But now, all of them are standing there empty, ghosts guarding the coast.



Completely empty and abandoned places like Varosha can always make you feel bad. As a result of Turkish intervention on the island of Cyprus, these areas are not accessible to modern Cypriots.


4.Catacombs of Paris

Wall of skulls and darkness here frame a dreadful picture in Catacombs under Paris’ streets. The first creation of it was the consequence of the unsanitary conditions around 17th and 18th centuries. At that time, Paris’s cemeteries were getting so full that residue from decaying organic material was getting into the water supply and caused a lot of dead.


5.Hellingly Hospital


You would definitely remember the name of this hospital, and believe me, there’s a reason for it to get the name. This is not really a hospital at all. Instead, it served as an insane asylum and was abandoned several years ago. Now you know the creepy feeling in Gotham very well.

6.Bird Suicide Grounds of Jatinga


In north India lies the small village of Jatinga, and it looks as quiet and peaceful as other isolated villages. However, you might not expect this. Every year around the months of September and October, hundreds of birds dive to their deaths within its city limits. More strangely, these incidents all happen between 7pm and 10pm.

7.Hoia Baciu Forest

Given the name of the ‘Bermuda Triangle’ of Romania, the Hoia Baciu Forest holds several unexplained secrets. It is recorded that multiple people have gone missing in here, and some people sighted UFOs. There even exist mystery electrical phenomena.


8.The Mütter Museum

Located in Pennsylvania, the museum will definitely make you scream. It’s exhibition is not paintings or historic artworks, instead, it is an world-famous institution dedicated to medical anomalies. Among its collection, there are organs, bones, fetuses and statues.



For the first sight, this is just an old small French village. But in fact, the village witnessed the most brutal savage during WWII. Nazis once decimated here and executed almost every inhabitant.



There is something undeniably disconcerting about a ghost town, and it’s not just the name. Prypiat, within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, was founded in 1970 to house workers at the doomed power plant, and was subsequently abandoned in 1986 after the disaster.

11.The Door to Hell

This place in Turkmenistan is once a gas field. But the Soviets set in on fire and it has been burning for over 40 years. It was turned into the hell of fire and it seems the burning would never stop.


12.Leap Castle

Leap Castle in Ireland is reported as one of the most haunted castles in the world. According to rumors, the hallways are patrolled by ‘the Elemental’, an unseen force. The reason why it’s called haunted is that it once hosted slaughters in the history and was even built on top of a torture pit.


13.San Zhi Resort

This resort in Taiwan was originally built to be a tranquil place, however, it might be some curse over it and there were a terrifying amount of deaths during the construction. For this reason, it was abandoned and now the ’pod’ resort stands empty there and supposedly haunted.



As planning, Wonderland was supposed to become China’s version of Disneyland, and it was even designed much bigger. Sadly, due to construction problems with the project, the park was abandoned, leaving the unfinished buildings in the middle of empty field.


15.Akodessewa Fetish Market

Since over half of the population in Togo practices indigenous beliefs, the market is supposed to meet their requirement of religious paraphernalia, and you could never fond the same in any normal market. This surprising market is full of Shrunken heads, skulls and flesh.


16.Cincinnati’s Abandoned Subway

In the early 1900s, the government set a plan of building a subway in Cincinnati. But later the city ran out of funding and had to leave it behind. These tunnels which have been constructed already are still open beneath the city. If you are brave enough, there’s a maze left for you to explore.


17.Island of the Dolls

This island locates in Xochimilco, Mexico. One terrific legend says that a girl died in the canals surrounding the island, and since then dolls began to wash ashore constantly. In order to memorize the little girl, the only inhabitant and caretaker started hanging those dolls on the trees.



This area was once a busy mining town, but everything was burned into ruins by the destructive fire of coal veins under the city in 1962. After that, there were only around 10 people left in this town. For its creepy scenes, Centralia was actually the inspiration of the horror movie Silent Hill.



Muynak in Uzbekistan once serve as a busy port city on the Aral Sea. However, the Soviet Union drained the Aral Sea for irrigation purposes, destroying Muynak and leaving it in a desert wasteland.


20.Jacob’s Well

It sounds unbelievable, but this natural spring is over 100 feet deep. Even though sharp rocks juts out from all sides, generations of divers are eager to jump into the well for recreation. During the years, many novice divers lost their life forever in the deep dark water.


21.Kabayan Mummy Caves

These caves were manmade ones used for preserve large amount of mummies. It is isolated from the world in Philippines, sheltering this bodies from hundreds years ago.


22.Kryziu Kalnas

This place is called as ’Hill of Crosses’. As its name suggest, here was originally a ceremonial site where Lithuanians would mourn the dead lost at war. And after years, here was filled with over 100,000 different crosses which looks extremely mysterious and scary. The Soviet Union bulldozed the area twice but locals insisted to rebuild it to even bigger.


23.Hashima Island

Founded around 15km from Nagasaki in Japan, the island was used as a coal mining facility between 1887 and 1974. While after coal was nearly replaced by petroleum in 1959, around 5,000 people who lived here leave. Now, it is known as “Ghost Island”.


24.Edinburgh Castle

As one of Scotland’s most haunted sites, this castle is regarded as the home to a phantom piper, a headless drummer and a spectral dog. A group of people did scientific survey here in 2011, and half of them reported ghost sightings and spooky phenomena.


25.Borley Rectory

Described as the most horrible house in Britain, Borley Rectory in Essex was build in 1863 on the site of a 12th century church and monastery. It is said that once a monk was hanged by the monastery’s elders for his elopement plan with a girl, which made here one of the most haunted places.