21 Ways to Turn Old Tires into Something Great

If you keep a car on the road, then you’re routinely going to have old, worn out tires to get rid of.Instead of throwing them out or letting them sit there making your yard look cluttered,why not try one of these creative ways to  turn them into something new and exciting?

Rubber is very durable and soft because of its elasticity and it is very easy to work with in terms of crafts and DIY projects.

While the classic tire swing is always an option, there are many more ways to give old tires new life.Whether you’re in the market for a trendy new table, or a functional dog bed your pooch can’t destroy, these can all be made using old tires.

The next time you have your tires changed, ask to keep the old tires and then take a look at the 21 awesome ways we have for you to repurpose those old tires into something beautiful and useful.

1.Colourful Planters

Colourful Planters
Not into all the work involved in the starburst planter?

Simply spray paint old tires and stack them for a multi-level garden.

Image courtesy of Handimania.com

2.Don’t need an ottoman? How about a trendy tire table?

tire table


A sturdy table that looks great with any decor. Here is a tutorial on how to make a trendy table.

3. Use rope to build outdoor rubber furniture.

rubber furniture

The only limit is your imagination with this furniture made with tires, wood, and rope.

4.These painted tires make a gorgeous sofa.


Criarti Dicas

5.Tires can also be used as garden steps!

garden steps



A tractor tire makes the perfect frame for a mini backyard pond.