20 Creative Ways to Give Your Clothes New Life!

Do you feel annoyed when finding your wardrobe filled with old clothes which are out of fashion and left nothing new to wear? Don’t worry, what you need to do is look at every cloth with fresh eyes and Do It Yourself!

With these creative ideas below, you could own a pile of new clothing at once.

1.This is a most basic tip: You can make a over-sized shirt look more flattering on your body


2.Stop wearing dull white T-shirt. Withproper pigment and smart technique, you can add all bright colors to them.2200205-121212-650-1464598128[1]

3.Yes, everyone own denim shorts and jeans. But when you decorate it with lace, it becomes dramatically different.


Or, if you don’t prefer lace, you can try using a sequin ribbon in the rear pocket.


4.For a boring summer T-shirt, it can turn into something sexy and charming if you have scissors and be willing to be your own stylist.


5.You can make your simple shoes elegant with impressive color too.


7.If you would like to be shinny, you can decorate you shirt with old disks! Make your own cool collar.

8.Also, you don’t need to buy a new T-shirt with a cutout back at all. Make one!

9.If you are bored with your old skirt, surely you can revive it with some rhinestones.

10.It might be a shame to retire an expensive knee-length coat, so maybe you can transform it into a cropped jacket. Updating the style with some new buttons, narrowed shoulders and shortened sleeves can be really effective.

11.Go grab some nips and the addition of feminine lace, you can then refashion a plain Tee into a lace beauty.

12.Cut the sleeves of your shirt, and there’s even no need for sewing. Change the color and light it up with smart decoration!

13.Creatively, you can also turn your shirt into a cute skirt. Those long sleeve of winter tops can be a perfect bowknot.

14.For the simplest change, you can consider sticking some pattern, such as red heart, on your shirt.

15.Believe it or not, with some clever folds and knots, you can make your scarf into a racerback vest.


16.Simply narrowing the boot cut jeans into skinny ones is not very difficult, but you may like to have the addition of zipper on it, and this really makes them unique.


17.Insert lace in your clothes can make things unbelievably charming.


18.After trimming a T-shirt, cut three strips out of the back, braid, and then sew the end of the braid back onto the neck collar.

19.Likewise, you can easily make a cute fringe top from a dull t-shirt.

20.If you want some challenge, you can even try to revive your leather jacket as the coolest skirt!

Once you become good at this kind of refashioning, eventually you may hardly recognize the original clothes! What’s more stunning, it cannot be sure whether you would fall in love with the creation and looking forward to every visit to thrift shop.

Make sure you have enough old shirts and let’s try and see whatever can be done!