100-Year-Old Theater Turned Into Grand Bookstore

How can old theaters shine without any more play? Here’s the best example of a stunning rebirth. Grand Splendid Theater in Buenos Aires, Argentina has a history of almost a hundred years, and it was successfully converted into a beautiful bookstore called El Ateneo Grand Splendid.


Literally its name has indicated the charm of the bookshop, but you might still be quite amazed by the “splendid” scene here, since it looks exactly like the heaven for bookworms. The original theater was established in 1919, and architects Peró and Torres Armengol designed it with gorgeous classic style and delicate details. Even among all those famous book fan’s spots in Buenos Aires, this one is especially outstanding.


Before the bookshop, the theater also changed its role and served as a cinema once. In 2000, it was given the new life as a bookstore. Most architectural structure of the theater was retained and fit perfectly with the new design, including the stage, the balconies and even the red curtains. The combination of classic 1920’s theater style and countless book shelves make you will definitely surprised you.


For more attracting facts, it is one of the biggest bookstores in South America, with countless books on Latin American art, regional cuisine, guide books and other kinds of books. If you like, you are all welcomed to bring your own books and enjoy the pleasure diving in books here.


In 2008, El Ateneo Grand Splendid was appraised as the second most beautiful bookshop in the World by The Guardian, so if you are a book lover, this is the place you must have on you to visit list.buenos-aires-bookstore-theatre-el-ateneo-grand-splendid-4